mayo 26, 2017

“You gonna miss me when I gone” (English version)

The process of characterizing a person requires stepping back far enough to be able to look at the whole picture.As an amateur storyteller, I've always needed distance and time to create a character based on some known person. At this moment I could not write about my workmates or about my children, my wife, even my close family from Argentina.The separation must be total and prolonged to achieve something like reality. This arises from the familiar, wearily trite phrase: “You'll value me when I'm gone." year. “Too dangerous,” will say some, “unnecessary,” will think others, "I do not know," I will say, because I am not sure of anything.Of course, these words in the form of reproach or need know one’s value can become a double-edged sword, because of the two eventual possible scenarios: you already do value accordingly or, you realize that you have overvalued. Those are the risks that we take every time we challenge or make demands.Many theories about couples say that break-ups and reunions are never convenient.  I cannot confirm it, but I suspect that the only way to truly know your life partner is after some time of separation, like six months to aThe “second times around” are never good, say the old ladies under the hair dryer. They may be right, but I suppose if they fail, it is because the partners didn’t know how to take advantage of the time of solitude to meditate and feel, and the reunification was due to simple causes, such as fear of loneliness or financial insecurity or children.
With “places” this happens somewhat similarly; I was never very angry with Argentina although it was not easy to live there.  I had to move far away to realize the many positive and interesting things that my country has, as well as the other unpleasant things that have happened, do happen and certainly will happen.And I miss Argentina, almost as much as I suppose I should miss a great love, but the scales do not yet tip toward returning. The main difference in this analogy of course, is that a return to love will depend on two decisions, whereas Argentina will always be there, affable, disinterested in receiving me but with some hugs around the corner.
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